Dragzine.com – Sensor Overload: RIFE Sensors’ Game-Changing New Technology

New racing products have an inherent level of success when the concept contains not just one innovation, but multiple advantages. So is the case for this fresh approach in racing engine sensor technology.

RIFE Sensors’ new products include advanced pressure sensors for racing applications designed into a modular block arrangement. We spoke to Randy Cotteleer, owner at RIFE Sensors, a sister brand to TBM Brakes, about his pressure sensor technology, the dual application pressure/temperature sensors, and an innovative stand-alone temperature sensor design for air and liquid measurement.

Rife Sensors Dragzine Sensor Overload Rife Sensors Game Changing New Technology

Modular sensor blocks contain the RIFE individual sensors which universally feed into a common wiring juncture using a sealed Deutsch Connector.

The team at TBM has moved into an entirely different product line by introducing an original way to incorporate isolated pressure sensors onto a remote-mount system. Within the complicated world of electronic fuel injection and data recording, RIFE Sensors is stepping up the game when it comes to providing data to those computerized systems.

Sensor Blocks – A Clean Slate Design

In a typical application, each pressure sensor sends data to your engine control unit (ECU) via individual circuits. RIFE Sensors has introduced the approach of grouped sensors integrated into a modular block design, offering multiple advantages.

Cotteleer wanted to not only clean up the relocated sensors but develop a clean design containing highly insulated sensors, all necessary wiring, and one clean Deutsch automotive DT connector to wire between the sensors and ECU.

Our goal, first and foremost, was to develop a remote mounting block that gets the sensors onto the chassis or firewall. So many racers will attest that pressure sensors do not survive the extreme vibration when mounted directly onto a racing engine. – Randy Cotteleer

“What you see is a billet machined block that holds everything together,” Cotteleer expresses. “Inside of each insert is a well-insulated sensor core. This core is isolated from vibration by an o-ring on the top and a rubber gasket on the bottom. That design serves a dual purpose as a gasket and an isolator on the top.”

rife sensors pressure sensors

Each sensor has a molded diaphragm suspended within the sensor housing. He continues, “The sensor floats inside of that shell with a silicone surrounding.”

These single, dual, triple, and quad sensor assemblies can house the RIFE-designed sensors ranging from 1-, 3-, 4-, and 5-Bar scale sensors. Other sensors are available to send data based upon 60-, 100- 150-, 200-, 300-, 1600-pounds per square inch (PSI). And, custom pressure reading applications are available by contacting RIFE directly.

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