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Single Pressure Sensor

Single Pressure Sensor


Retail Price: $179

Includes additional Analog input!
Side mounted M5 analog input can be used for connecting any 0-5V analog sensor or Temperature sensor.
5V and sensor ground are supplied through connector

  • Vibration isolated sensors
  • -3 AN or 1/8 NPT connections
  • Automotive Grade Deutsch DT connectors
  • Sealed to IP69
  • Billet aluminum construction
  • Available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 sensor packages
  • Custom configurations available
  • Snubbers available to reduce damaging pressure spikes*
  • Industry standard 0-5V output
  • Compatible with all ECU’s/data loggers**
  • Reduced wiring clutter
  • Higher accuracy
  • Faster response
  • Flexible mounting options
  • All wetted parts are 316 stainless, Viton or anodized aluminum
  • Available sensor ranges 1 Bar, 3 Bar, 4 Bar, 5 Bar, 60psi, 100psi, 150psi, 200psi, 300psi, 1600psi, Custom*
  • Sensors with a specific O-Ring package for alcohol fuels (Ethanol, Methanol, E85, etc.) is available for 60/100/150/200psi sensors

*optional – Contact your dealer
**additional interface equipment may be necessary



Our pressure sensors have an extremely wide range of applications including but not limited to: Oil, Fuel, Boost/MAP, Dome, Transmission Line, Converter Charge, Coolant Pressure, Intercooler Pump, Cabin Pressure, Atmospheric/Ambient, Pre-Intercooler, Post-Intercooler, Aerodynamics, Exhaust Backpressure, EMAP, Brake Pressure, Nitrous, Power Steering, Crankcase Pressure/Vacuum, CO2

Additional information

Sensor 1

Analog Input (M5 cable), 60psi 3AN, 60psi 1/8 NPT, 100psi 3AN, 100psi 1/8 NPT, 150psi 3AN, 150psi 1/8 NPT, 200psi 3AN, 200psi 1/8 NPT, 300psi 3AN, 300psi 1/8 NPT, 500psi 3AN, 500psi 1/8 NPT, 1600psi 3AN, 1600psi 1/8 NPT, 1 BAR MAP 3AN, 1 BAR MAP 1/8 NPT, 2 BAR MAP 3AN, 2 BAR MAP 1/8 NPT, 3 BAR MAP 3AN, 3 BAR MAP 1/8 NPT, 4 BAR MAP 3AN, 4 BAR MAP 1/8 NPT, 5 BAR MAP 3AN, 5 BAR MAP 1/8 NPT, 7 BAR MAP 3AN, 7 BAR MAP 1/8 NPT, 10 BAR MAP 3AN, 10 BAR MAP 1/8 NPT

Add Wire Harness?

3 Feet (+$24 for 4 Wire +$29 for 6 Wire), 6 Feet (+$28 for 4 Wire +$33 for 6 Wire), 9 Feet (+$32 for 4 Wire +$37 for 6 Wire), None

Make Sensors Alcohol Compatible? (INDICATE SLOT #s IN ORDER NOTES ON CHECKOUT)

NO, YES (+$5)


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