Dragzine.com – PRI 2019: Rife Sensors Debuts With Highly-Advanced Product Lineup

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What is Rife Sensors, you may be asking? With the same emphasis on quality design and engineering that it put into its high-performance and racing braking systems, the team at TBM Brakes set out in 2019 to compliment its existing product line by developing a full line of advanced sensors for racing applications.

Rife Sensors, an offshoot of the familiar California-based brake manufacturer, has had its coming-out party here at the PRI Show, unveiling its lineup of very trick pressure, air/water temperature, accelerometers, and other sensors.

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One of the keys to Rife’s sensor development has been not only speed and accuracy, but longevity, as well. Rife’s Randy Cotteleer notes that it’s often vibration from the engine that wears down many sensors on the market, and so Rife has approached that common problem head-on with a remote-mount design that incorporates many of the design elements of other sensors, but taken it a step further with additional vibration-dampening. The block, Cotteleer explains, is mounted to either the chassis or the firewall, therefore making the sensors one step removed from the engine. The inserts that hold the sensor cores actually float on a soft O-ring on bottom and a rubber bladder/gasket on top, and the sensor core floats inside that insert, making them effectively triple isolated from vibration. 

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Rife has also addressed interference by adding low-pass filters and conditioned outputs so the signals don’t have as much noise and are therefore more solid.

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