DRAGZINE – 2020 Product Showcase: RIFE’s Speedy New Plug-And-Play IAT Sensors

Last year, the team at TBM Brakes revealed the company’s new sister brand, RIFE Sensors, offering a complete array of high-end vehicle sensors — the product of years of engineering and development. RIFE’s mission was and is to produce the fastest, longest-lasting, most durable, and accurate sensors on the market, with no compromises. RIFE has not, since that time, rested on its initial product offering, but has continued to aggressively develop new products and add to the lineup to provide total vehicle solutions for racers and high-high-performance enthusiasts.

Among RIFE’s earliest products was a fast-response IAT (intake air temperature) sensor, which it says is 70-percent faster than even the best-performing of OEM GM sensors. But according to RIFE’s Randy Cotteleer, customers longed for a “plug and play” solution, and so RIFE delivered.

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